Overall Broadcast Reel

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I spent my undergrad as the voice of Adrian College calling some of the biggest games on campus. I also freelanced with companies like JTV, MySports.Live, and BCSN. I have called over 200 games already in my young career. Now attending Syracuse and Newhouse I have continued to become a better broadcaster.

Sport Specific Broadcast Reels

Hockey Reel

Hockey quickly become one of my favorite sports to cover at Adrian College and now at Syracuse University. I went form a kid who never played and had very little knowledge of the sport to now being able to have regular meetings with coaches and players to help make the broadcast better.

Baseball Reel

Baseball has always been said to be my first passion, I have played all my life originally coming to Adrian to continue playing. I made the transition up to the press box my sophomore year and there has been no looking back.

Football Reel

Football has been one of the sports I have spent the most time freelancing for. I have covered a wide-variety of High School games in Southeastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

Alternative Reel

With over 40 sports there have been some unique opportunities come through my headset. Alternate sports like the traditional basketball and soccer but I have also covered oddities like rugby and lacrosse. This present unique challenges that have helped make me a better broadcaster.

Past Full Play-by-Play Broadcasts:

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