Onondaga County Veterans Day Ceremony

SYRACUSE , N.Y. (NCC News) — Taps echoed throughout the crowd at the hallowed hall of the Onondaga County War Memorial, patrons looked on and honored the sacrifice so many have made for our country. Anne Marie Mancilla, who served in Iraq, had her kids in attendance at the event.

“Maya was born while I was still serving, and it’s important for them to see and just all generations of people that I’ve served, you know, outside of us,” said Mancilla. “But yeah, just to, you know, be able to to be part of these ceremonies.”

Friends of Veterans Award recipient Cindy Meili said that it’s important to remember and thank those who put our country ahead of themselves right.

“We just need to show them that they what they’ve done will be reflected in the future,” said Meili

With Vets in attendance who are running for congress like Brandon Williams and from all around New York,  those from Wounded Warrior projected and even from serving in the navy on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Mancilla says the having these events are meaningful, “That’s what it’s about. We all did this to protect our freedoms.”

The purpose of the event was to honor vets and Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh read a proclamation to cement the day in history.

New Solar Farm Approved For Conquest

CONQUEST,  N.Y.  (NCC News) — Conquest New York will be the new home of the Garnet Energy solar farm. The future 200-megawatt facility was approved by the state and will be one of largest of its kind. The project will cover nearly 2,300 acres in the town as part of the state’s climate and clean energy initiative. The project will cost nearly $215 million.

Charles Knapp, the town supervisor, said there will be an adjustment, “this changes our whole landscape. I mean we’re a farming community.”

Some residents in farming community have voiced their concerns at various public comments. Residents have cited complaints of future property value with solar panels in their backyards.

Rory Christian, the siting board chair, sent out a statement through the department of environmental conservation earlier this week showing support for the new facility saying that the project is vital in meeting carbon reduction targets in the state.

“The Garnet Energy solar farm and other renewable energy projects built or currently under development are vital to meet the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act’s aggressive carbon reduction and clean energy targets to combat climate change,” said Christian. “This solar farm will benefit all New Yorkers by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, boosting clean-energy investment, creating clean-energy jobs, and improving our environment.”

Even though the project has already been approved, Knapp said the state never gave Conquest the proper representation on the siting board,  “the Article 10 process clearly states that two people from the town would be on that board to represent the town, and that never happened.”

Although conquest was never able to gain those seats on the board Knapp said the project still brings some positives. “I’m going to be pushing to help everybody we can with that funding.”

The project will bring in an extra nearly 300,000 dollars a year used for improvements at places like the fire department and the municipal center. The project set to begin in 2023.

Knapp said he has one goal in mind,  “If we’re going to be forced to take this thing and we’ve got to make it the best possible, beneficial project for the town across.”

From Russia to Syracuse: How Polina Shemanova Found Success Becoming an Orange

You may know her as the team captain for the Orange on the volleyball court or maybe you know her as the former ACC Freshman of the Year, ACC first team, second team, and all-academic team member. But how did Polina Shemanova get this good?

It starts at a young age for Shemanova who grew up in Russia. Surprisingly it wasn’t always volleyball, her parents, who both have a volleyball background, didn’t want to “force” the sport on their oldest of 3. Instead, Shemanova took up a variety of different actives like drama, and then tennis and swimming, and even ballroom dancing before finally settling into volleyball in 3rd grad under the guidance of the same coach her mother had all those years ago. 

During that first season of volleyball Shemanova also kept the tradition of Russian folk music alive when she joined the folk choir at school, which she did until she graduated. Having a passion for music joining the choir was a no brainer, even though the music wasn’t popular or mainstream it was something that Shemanova was proud of and committed too. 

Shemanova knew from a young age that she was going to be someone that thrived with a spotlight on her and now being enrolled in the Broadcast and Digital Journalism Master’s Program at Syracuse that realization gets closer and closer. Her mom even saw this future for her daughter at a young age. 

“My mom was always telling me that I didn’t have any problems making friends,” Shemanova said. “Or asking random people on the street just random things.” 

It is no surprise you will often see Shemanova walking around campus with a smile on her face and talking to everyone. Even if it is the simple question of: how is your day? Shemanova takes the time to talk to everyone. 

Once volleyball was chosen it was an “all-in” mentality. Shemanova’s father would go as far as spending time everyday practicing at home with his daughter acting as an unofficial assistant coach. That was on top of driving 40 minutes each way to get to official practice. During those trips that is where homework was done, and lunch was eaten. 

In the summer, Shemanova would even compete with her parents playing in beach volleyball tournaments. 

The seven day a week grind would pay off for Shemanova as she would play for the Russian Junior National Team. While playing for the national team Shemanova would find her love for travel, getting a chance to play across Europe, China, and Mexico. She would even be presented with the opportunity to play professionally in her home country. 

Caring for her education, as well as her passion for the sport, she would turn down that offer… for now. However, a former teammate is the reason she came to the states and Syracuse specifically. Being reunited with a friend helped make the transition easier, plus studying English since 2nd grade, a decision made by her parents, would help the adjustment too.

There is a lifestyle away from the court, rather a place, for Shemanova to take her mind off life and her sport.  Finland is only a 3 hour a drive from her home and a frequent family vacation spot. The life outdoors in the beautiful landscape would include fishing and the popular practice of picking mushrooms. Shemanova hasn’t been in 5 years but looks forward to getting back to her “sanctuary.” 

Unfortunately, Shemanova doesn’t know the next time she’ll be able to get back home. With graduate school and visa rules the process has become a lot more complicated. 

Shemanova will enter her 5th year at Syracuse University. She will serve again as the team captain. She will still hold one more year of eligibility after this season that she said could be used down in a warmer state on a beach volleyball team. 

The season begins at home for the Cuse Volleyball team on Aug. 20th when the Orange take on Binghamton at 1:00 P.M. 

Extreme Heat in Central New York Leads to Extreme Caution

Live report from the field on Thursday, Aug. 4th.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.  (NCCNews) — A heat advisory is in effect for the city of  Syracuse as temperatures are expected to hit triple digits with humidity, something Central New Yorkers have unfortunately been getting used to.

It’s not easy to stay cool, especially with the humidity cutting through the clouds like a knife.

Trying to beat the heat can be a challenge, but some are starting to figure it out.

Pat Tato is a local musician and was out walking his dog today during the cooler part of the day. Tato said it was a quick decision to try to get around the heat today.

“I was going to test it out, and I saw that  at 10 o’clock it was going to be the hottest and it’s going to stay this way all day. We’ve been in front of the fan quite honestly,” Tato said.

The New York State Department of Health recommends drinking plenty of water and avoiding unnecessary activities outside.

Also, if possible, stay in an air-conditioned building or visit the nearest cooling center, which may include a public library or even some community centers. You can find a full list of cooling centers in our area here:  https://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/weather/cooling/ 

Other tips from the New York State Department of Health:

-Wear sunscreen
-Slow your pace
-Drink water and rest more often
-Seek shade and avoid long periods in direct sunlight
-Do not hike in extremely hot weather

It is also important to pay attention for signs of heat stroke.  Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States. These heat-related deaths and illness are preventable.

Symptoms of heat stroke include:

Hot, dry, red skin
A rapid pulse
Rapid and shallow breathing
A body temperature higher than 105 degrees
Loss of alertness, confusion, and/or loss of consciousness

Exhibit Explores Harriet Tubman’s Life in Auburn

AUBURN, N.Y. (NCC News)  — Harriet Tubman spent 54 years in New York. Essentially it was another life from the one she previously lived working the underground railroad.

Why here? That question is being answered by the Cayuga Museum of History and Art in an exhibit titled, “Auburn in Harriet Tubman’s Time.”

Karyn Radcliffe serves as the institution’s collections manager and she was part of the team that did some of the research to put the display together.

For Tubman Central New York was an ideal area for her to live out the rest of her life even though it scared her family due to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Radcliffe said that even with those worries Tubman had support in the area.

“There’s a big abolition support network here, especially Cayuga County,” Radcliffe said.  “There were a lot of Quakers so there was already this network set up that made it easy for her to come here.”

Throughout the second story bedroom turned historic display, photos line the walls highlighting Tubman’s support for elderly care and woman’s suffrage. Radcliffe said visitors are going to learn more about Tubman outside of what the history books say.

“She kind of takes on the mythical persona and I think that takes away a little bit because she was this ordinary person who obviously did extraordinary things,” Radcliffe said.

The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the exhibit is on display until Saturday, Oct. 1.

More information and tours are available at  Cayugamuseum.org.

Central New York Farmers are Looking to use Their Voices

FABIUS,  N.Y. (NCC News) – Local Farmer Bret Bossard gets into his tractor every day to check around his farm in Fabius, making sure his product is up to standard. In this case, the farm produces dairy goods. Bossard and his team face different challenges day in and day out and he wants more people to know that it is not easy to be a farmer.

“It’s hard, it’s a struggle every day,” Bossard said. “We face the same challenges as every other industry…labor shortages, inflation, rising costs.”

Governor Hochul, who grew up in a farming family, knows that change is needed. The legislation that is simply known as the Farm Bill is set to expire next year and the governor wants to hear directly from the people the bill affects most.

“People from elsewhere think of New York, they don’t always think agriculture. But, that’s what we live and breathe in our state,” Gov. Hochul said.

The state will be hosting a series of roundtables inviting the farming community to give their thoughts on where the future of farming is heading.

For an industry that accounts for nearly $7 million acres of land in New York or a quarter of the state, Bossard said he wants local farmers to have a seat at the table.

“As long as those that are making the laws are, you know,  can hear the voices and hopefully we can have an equal say,” Bossard said.

The dairy farmer has 75 people employees. They all depend on the farm to put the product they help produce on their own tables. Bossard said the upcoming changes are important to get right.

Bulldogs Take to Ice for Quarterfinal Match-up With Hobart

The Adrian College Men’s NCAA hockey team is once again back in the NCAA Tournament; they will be facing an unfamiliar opponent in Hobart. 

It was not supposed to be that way; however, these two teams were originally scheduled to play each other in the first round of the NCAA tournament two years ago before the 2020 tournament was canceled due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 2021 tournament also was not played due to the ongoing pandemic, but finally, in 2022 these two teams will finally get to meet each other, this time with a trip to Lake Placid on the line.  

Hobart had to battle its way into the quarterfinal match-up, playing in the first round against one of their NEHC conference foes, Elmira. The Statesmen took care of business with a 4-2 victory. Four different goal scorers found the back of the net for Hobart, with the game-winner coming off the twig of Luke Aquaro just 22 seconds into the 2nd period. 

The Bulldogs find themselves back in the NCAA Tournament for the ninth time in program history after the beat-down of St. Norbert in the Harris Cup Championship. With the 12-3 victory Adrian secured the number one overall seed for just the third time ever. The number one seed earned the Bulldogs a bye week straight the quarterfinals. Adrian is riding high on a 28-game win streak. That is the longest win-streak and also the most wins in the 15 year of existence of Bulldog Hockey. 

It will be two offensive juggernauts going at it on the frozen water of Arrington Ice Arena as the Statesmen average almost five goals a game at 4.9 and just about 40 shots a game as well. The Bulldogs’ offense averages a staggering six goals per, game doing so in an average of 39 shots per game. 

Although both teams’ offense can fire on all cylinders, the defense may be the key to moving on to Lake Placid for the Frozen Four. The goaltending for both teams has been strong and nearly identical. 

Adrian is led by, 5th-year senior Cam Grey, who has been a brick wall all season long. In 21 games this year, Grey has started 20 of them and has put up numbers that reflect his stellar record. Between the pipes, Grey has only allowed 44 goals, equating to a 2.21 GAA, his save percentage sits at 91.3% and he has stopped 463 pucks. 

For Hobart, they are led by Senior Liam Lascelle. Lascelle has played in 18 games and started 16 of them. He matches Grey exactly with a 2.21 GAA and 91.3% save percentage. Where do the numbers differ? Lascelle has on given up 36 goals on just 379 saves. 

Who is going to be tasked with trying to score on these goaltenders? 

For Hobart, that responsibility falls into the lap of  Luke Aquaro. The true-freshmen and NEHC Rookie-of-the-year has been putting on a clinic this year on the ice. He leads his team in points with 32 and in goals with 16. His teammate Aaron Maguyon sits right behind him with 14 goals. 

The Bulldogs sit 4 lines deep on the offensive side of the ice. But two of the highlight players to watch come from the same line and the other is one of the newest additions to this year’s team. 

Alessio Luciani is the leading point-getter for Adrian with 44 points on the year 29, of which are apples across the ice. His linemate, Rex Moe, has lit the lamp an impressive 16 times this season and looks to open up his hot playoff streak in the quarterfinal match-up. 

The newest addition for the Bulldogs, Ty Enns is just a junior and a transfer from NCHA rival Marian University. He leads the Bulldogs with 20 goals on the campaign. He will have his electric shot looking for twine against Hobart. 

The Bulldogs and Statesmen will do battle on Saturday, March 19th at 7 PM. The NCAA is hosting the game at Arrington Ice Arena. Standing room can be bought at the door. The game will also be available on various outlets. Adrian College TV will have the video stream, WVAV 107.9 FM will carry the audio stream, and WLEN 103.9 will also have a radio stream available. 

Adrian College ACHA Men’s D1 Program Opens Season with ‘Banner Night’

Arrington Ice Arena has been dormant since April and has had capacity restrictions for over a year. However, all of that changed on September 24, when the Adrian College ACHA Men’s Division 1 hockey team took the ice against the University of Cincinnati (ACHA Division 2). 

More than just a hockey game was happening on the brisk and chilly night in the rink, being the first game of the new season fresh off a National Championship, it was also ‘Banner Night.’ For head coach Gary Astolos, who is entering his sixth season at the 

helm, it was a final chance to reflect before starting the new year. 

“I am super excited to welcome back the [seniors] from last year’s squad and celebrate all of their accomplishments, but after that ceremony when 20 minutes are up on the board, and the puck is dropped, it is all business. There is a new goal on the wall, and last year no longer matters.” 

Photo Courtesy: Adrian College Television

The 20-minute ceremony started with a 10-minute video that reflected on the past season followed, by the 2020-2021 National Championship Banner being revealed as it sat affixed next to the 2018-2019 banner. As the team, dressed in their flashy new gold jerseys and buckets, took the ice, so did some of their teammates from last year (pictured) for the ceremonial puck drop. Some of the alumni even tuned in for the broadcast on Adrian College Television so that they could partake in the ceremony.  

With WOW Cafe finally full of rowdy fans seated directly over the benches, it was time for hockey season to begin in Adrian. 

The two-game series between Adrian and Cincinnati was all Bulldogs from the opening faceoff. The final score from game one between the two teams was 8-1 Bulldogs, and game two was again a stomping by Adrian finishing the series sweep with a shutout, 7-0. 

For this two-game series, Astalos was clear that it was an opportunity for everyone to see the ice. 

Photo Courtesy: Adrian College Television

“All of our freshmen are going to see the ice this weekend. As a coaching staff, we still do not know what our lineup is going to be going into each weekend. It is a good problem to have but means that we have to pay attention to who steps up when given a chance.”  

Over the weekend, the stand-out player for AC was Manny Silverio. He netted five goals over the two-game stretch. Henrick Overall, the overseas product from Sweden, would also have a multi-goal night, scoring two goals on Friday night. 

Between the pipes, all three young goaltenders on the roaster saw 40 minutes of game action. This was all a part of the plan Astolos explained. 

“We have a young core of goaltenders that have been working very hard in practice. They are all making it tough to decide who is going to be the guy. We had a plan this weekend to see them all play an equal amount of time, and they all played really well and did what we expected them to do. Time will only tell.” 

After a successful opening weekend, the Bulldogs will once again return to home ice to take on Mercyhurst in another two-game series. Game one will be on Friday, October 1. Game two will follow on Saturday, October 2. Both games have a puck drop scheduled for 7 pm. You can purchase tickets at the door on a first-come, first-serve basis. Both games will also be live-streamed by Adrian College TV.

Energy of Homecoming Rallies Bulldogs to Victory

The Adrian College football team certainly did not expect to start 0-2 on the year. But after two tough games against Heidelberg and Hanover, that is exactly where the Bulldogs found themselves. 

Needing to head in a different direction, Adrian found itself ready to host the Panthers of Greenville on Saturday, September 18. The team needed a new type of energy after falling short at the start of the season. Luckily for AC, the Merillat parking lot was filled with current and former Bulldogs partaking in all of the homecoming weekend festivities. From 8 am until kickoff, the vibes of Adrian were unchained; the Bulldog offense kept it going, hanging 41 on the Panthers. 

Adrian knew it was going to be a special day at the 3:55 mark of the first quarter. Sophomore Tyrelle Denner kept his eyes locked on the quarterback, Butterfield, as he entered scramble mood. Butterfield loaded up to fire, and Denner pounced on the panthers, jumping the route Denner went 41 yards untouched to the house. The pick-six put the Bulldogs up by two scores, and they did not look back. 

In the backfield, the Bulldogs were led by senior Steven Moses on the ground. He carried the rock 28 times for 187 yards as well as two touchdowns. Through the air Senior quarterback, Jack Wurzer was 14 for 19 with 153 yards and two touchdowns as well. 

Talking to the media after the game Moses said, “It was just about punching them in the mouth and getting our offense started.” 

The offensive explosion allowed the Bulldog’s defense to stay relaxed and play to their strengths. It was a long week of practice to get the game plan just right for defensive coordinator Eric Tyahla. 

“We did just enough to take away their strengths and win a football game.” 

The Panther offense, pass-heavy to begin with, was forced to go to it more than they wanted to. Chase Butterfield was 19 for 31 slinging the ball for 234 yards and 2 touchdowns. Even with the great production, it only amounted to 28 points. 

Butterfield, as mentioned earlier, did throw an interception that led to a pick-six, but in the 4th quarter on the final chance for Greenville, a fourth-and-7 from the Adrian 46-yard line, Butterfield was intercepted and once again it was Tyrelle Denner. The sealer gave Adrian the ball back with plenty of room and time to ice the game.  

After another successful homecoming on the campus of Adrian College, the Bulldogs are able to improve to 1-2 on the year while the Panthers fall to 2-1. Adrian has one more tune-up game before the start of MIAA play in 2 weeks. Adrian will make the nearly 12-hour long bus ride up to Hancock, Michigan to take on the Lions of Finlandia University. That game is scheduled for September, 25 at noon, you can listen to the game on ACTV or WVAC 107.9 FM.

Bulldogs Set Up for Exciting Finish in MIAA Season

Photo Courtesy: Adrian College Television

The Adrian College football team is sitting pretty at 4-3 (2-1 MIAA) on the season. Now officially passed the halfway point in the season the Bulldogs marque win on the year was the upset of #24 and MIAA favorite Albion. 

The Bulldogs started out of the gate slow, with losses to Heidleberg and Hanover.  The next two weeks Adrian College bounced back overcoming Greenville on Homecoming followed by the stombing on Finlandia on the road 56-6. 

The start of Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) play saw the Bulldogs travling to Angola, IN to face off against rival Trine. The Bulldogs let the Thunder jump out to an early lead scoring 17 points in the first quarter alone. It was a tough hill to climp for an offense that was only able to muster 233 total yards. 

The game of the year came two weeks ago when the Bulldogs put on a clinic showing how to upset the #24 team in the nation. The undefeated Britons of Albion College traveled to Adrian in hopes of continuing their winning ways and march to it’s 38th MIAA Championship. Senior quarterback, Jack Wruzer, had other ideas throwing for 252 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Although the Bulldogs offense was only able to score in the first half, the Bulldog defense stepped up shutting the Briton offense down for three full quaters until giving up a touchdown early in the fourth quarter. 

Photo Courtesy: Adrian College Television

The final score was 21-7 but the game felt like a much wider margin with how Adrian College played, this was a game the Bulldogs needed to win, it could be seen with the emotion showed by the team after the win. (See photo) 

After the game an emotional Coach Harry Bailey told reporters, “ It’s a huge win for our progam, it puts us right back in for a (MIAA Championship). One of the biggest wins we’ve had in a long time.” 

The win set up for another key match up in conference play against the Alma Scots. The Scots had a 5-1 record and one of the best defenses in the country having 22 interceptions coming into the game. 

The Bulldog offense knew this and prepared for it during the week of practice. Coach Bailey said, “Alma’s defense is really good it is gonna take Jack (Wruzer) protecting the ball, we have to have a steller week of practice.” 

Photo Courtesy: Adrian College Television

Adrian College came in firing on all cylinders the putting up 36-points, scoring in each quarter minus the thrid. Jack Wruzer connected with his number one target Preston Smith all game long. The Wruzer to Smith combination connected 11-times for 160-yards and 2-touchdowns. 

The Alma defense decided to leave Smith on an island with their conerback 1-on-1 all night long, Smith noticed this immediately. 

“Unlike every other team this year, (Alma) isn’t doubling me. It is free game and Jack keeps finding me.” 

The rest of the Adrian offense came through the ground game, Steven Moses had 175-yards and punched into the endzone twice. Malik Ray also had a touchdown on the ground in the win.

The bulldogs have held the same mindset throughout the whole season after a win. Enjoy the win for the weekend but when practice rolls around for the next week it is back to business as usual. 

“Wer’re gonna celebrate Saturday and Sunday and then pretty much go to sleep on it. We’re gonna move onto the next game.” Said Wruzer after the win vs Alma.  

Photo Courtesy: Adrian College Television

The win improved the Bulldogs to 2-1 in the MIAA and has set them up for an exciting finish in a chase for their 12th MIAA championship and first since 2014. 

Adrian has three more games left and they will all be tough contests, Hope and Kalamazoo will be played on the road. Olivet will be the last home game for the Bulldogs on Nov. 6th. The game will start at 1 PM and be played at Docking Stadium with tickets available at the game and also streamed by Adrian College Televison on youtube and WVAC 107.9 FM.